BEARITY is an innovative access control and security system.

BEARITY brings ultimate security, perfect flexibility and individual design.

Open doors by Smartphone, Smartwatch, NFC access card (badge) or key chain.
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Enjoy easy-to-use key management and virtual keys sent to Smartphones in seconds.
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Start using BEARITY right away and pay as you go, with no need for investments upfront.
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Customer Types and Use Cases

BEARITY is suitable for any type of building: offices, enterprises, residential buildings, industrial sites, …

Guests receive virtual keys in smartphones. Or doors can be opened remotely by the host.

SME Office                     

Awesome way how to open doors and manage access to offices, improving company culture.

Simplified access for tenants and guests. Easy key exchange. Available access logs after incidents.

Seamless time tracking. Floorplan monitoring. Usage optimization


BEARITY Electronics

BEARITY engineers have designed its own electronics, hardware and firmware. This allows BEARITY to adjust the hardware functionality to customer needs and integrate with other systems.

Access Gateway connects all components, namely the Lock Control Units (and associated NFC Readers), building automation units, and various sensors/detectors, both analog and digital.

For security reasons, each door is controlled by a separate Lock Control Unit, installed by the door, which can be completely disconnected or can be connected to an Access Gateway and centrally controlled.

Users tap their NFC cards, keychains, smartphones or smartwatches to the NFC CAN Reader when they want to open or unlock the door.

NFC Reader connected to a PC, server for programming NFC cards, NFC keychains and NFC admin cards.
And provides one-tap Windows authentication.

BEARITY Software

Each software focuses on ease-of-use and user experience. BEARITY is flexible to extend, change and integrate with other systems.

Provides easy-to-use role based access management system on your PC, tablet on smartphone. Eases the installation and configuration.

Control your users, roles and permissions as well as view statistics, access logs from anywhere and anytime.

Open doors with a single swipe on the phone, even if you do not have a NFC. Also enables a remote opening for your quests.

Just tap your NFC Smartwatch for the fastest and coolest door opening so far.

Access Control Flexibility

BEARITY can be used in many installation setups, ranging from an offline single door to large building complex, centrally managed.

Secure any entrance without wiring.

Doors are connected to the network. Instant changes & monitoring from a single place 

Remote access and opening also with non-NFC smartphones and smartwatches. Remote management from anywhere, anytime.

All devices are connected to the BEARITY.cloud. Supports remote opening with any device. Management is available from your browser – anywhere, anytime.